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"Neoprene Sheet" is the "Neoprene Sponge" according to the requirements of cutting into different thicknes. Then the "Neoprene Sheet" Coated / Embossed / Perforated or Laminated different kinds of Fabric. After the completion of the product called "Neoprene Fabric".

The"Neoprene Sheet" laminated fabric is strongly reinforced, And neoprene fabric also has the properties of laminated fabric at the same time, For example, the skin affinity of some fabrics, the friction resistance of some fabrics and other characteristics.

Originally, "Neoprene Fabric " was mainly used to make wet suits, so it was also called "Wetsuit Fabric" or "Scuba Fabric", and now "Neoprene Fabric" is also widely used in making gloves, waders, bag, cover…etc.

Processing Method - Neoprene Laminated

  • Standard Nylon Neoprene Fabric

    Laminated Nylon Fabric

  • Standard Polyester Neoprene Fabric

    Laminated Polyester Fabric

  • Nylon Lycra (Spandex) Neoprene Fabric

    Laminated Lycra (Spandex) Fabric

Explain: The neoprene sheet laminated fabric is strongly reinforced, And neoprene fabric also has the properties of laminated fabric at the same time, For example, the skin affinity of some fabrics, the friction resistance of some fabrics and other characteristics.

Processing Method - Neoprene Coated

  • Neoprene Skin Coated

    Neoprene Skin Coated

  • Neoprene Cell Coated

    Neoprene Cell Coated

  • Camo Neoprene Skin

    Camo Neoprene Skin

Explain: Coated is polyurethane resin use on smooth skin or cell, Increase the smoothness and toughness of the surface, and colleagues can also reduce the friction force of the water, If choice titanium metal addtion, reinforced heat retainment.

Processing Method - Neoprene Embossed

  • Neoprene Skin Embossed

    Neoprene Skin Embossed

  • Neoprene Cell Embossed

    Neoprene Cell Embossed

  • Neoprene Fabric Embossed

    Neoprene Fabric Embossed

Explain: The use of different patterns of mold, the use of high temperature or high wave embossed production process to make the surface of the material show different patterns. The embossing treatment in skin, cell and fabric can provide a variety of features such as skidproof, speed of water speed, and so on.

Processing Method - Neoprene Perforated

  • Neoprene Visible Perforated

    Neoprene Visible Perforated

  • Neoprene In Side Perforated

    Neoprene In Side Perforated

  • Neoprene In Side Perforated

    Neoprene In Side Perforated

Explain: Perforated neoprene skin / cell / fabric of products can increase the ductility, breathable and cooling effect, Hole’s shapes include round, square, etc. According to the size of the hole and the size of the gap, to meet the needs of different products.

✱ The color of the fabric can accord to customer requirements (For example: the Pantone color, samples etc), Printed fabric processing also accepts the customer design.

Neoprene Fabric Quotation Method:

The price of the neoprene cost (according to the thickness, size and type), plus the cost of cloth (size and type), plus laminated process fee, plus the special processing cost of coating / embossing (if need be). Large quantities of orders have more discounts.

Neoprene Fabric Size & Thickness (Special custom specifications):

Size (inch) 51″x83″ 56″x83″ 60″x83″
51″x130″ 56″x130″ 60″x130″
51″x170″ 56″x170″ 60″x170″
51″x260″ 56″x260″ 60″x260″
Thickness 1mm - 10mm

Neoprene fabric professional quotation unit is sheet (size check the above table), because Neoprene sponge is foaming by mold, and the size of the mold defines the length of Neoprene. With regard to length, the longest special size is 6.6 meters and the usually is 3.3 meters.

However, we will connect each sheet of neoprene with glue then laminated the cloth on outside of neoprene, so it looks like they are continuous. But the hardness of joint each neoprene rubber will be worse. And that the size is guarantee the use, usually the actual size will be more. So yardage is not professional, and there are some unfair to the customers.

Many customers feel that the use of yard units will get similar cloth - like coiling products, the idea is not correct. Since it has nothing to do with the offer, it's only related to the way of transportation, the flat transport is usually a sheet of one sheet, and we usually use the coiling and transportation, and the customers get the product that is continuously together.

For example: The thickness of the 2.0mm is usually 15 sheets (by Carton) or 10sheets (by Roll) together, and the thickness of the 3.0mm is usually 10 sheets(by Carton) or 7sheets (by Roll) together. A continuous product, on the surface, is continuous (Occasionally there will be a seams of the cloth, but the probability is very small).

Neoprene Sponge Color:

Material CR SCR SBR
Color Black, Cream Black, Cream Black, Cream, White

Possess Sea ECO-Neoprene Fabric can fulfill the below international standards:

REACH 151 substances in the Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) for Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 concerning the REACH
RoHS Restriction of Hazardous Substances - RoHS 2.0 Directive 2011/65/EU Annex II ; Recasting 2002/95/EC
Toxic Elements Migration of Certain Elements - EN 71-3:1994+A1:2000+AC:2002
Oeko-Tex Standard 100 class I / II (Special specifications)

Diagrammatic sketc of "Neoprene Fabric" production proces:

Neoprene Fabric Production Proces
The "Neoprene Sponge" of conventional thickness is 22mm or 44mm.
The first, according to the different needs of customers, sponge was cut into 0.5-10mm "Neoprene Sheet".
Then, Fabrics with different characteristics are "Laminated" or make "Coated", "Embossed","Perforated" according to the requirements.
Finally, it is called "Neoprene Fabric / Cloth" or "Wetsuit Fabric / Cloth" or "Scuba Fabric / Cloth".

Neoprene Fabric Package List:

Packing Method Crate Carton Roll
Thickness / Size 51″x83″ 51″x130″ 51″x130″
1.0mm 800 30 20
1.5mm 530 20 13
2.0mm 400 15 10
2.5mm 320 12 8
3.0mm 270 10 6
3.5mm 230 8 5
4.0mm 200 7 5
4.5mm 180 6 4
5.0mm 160 6 4
5.5mm 145 5 3
6.0mm 130 5 3
6.5mm 120 4 3
7.0mm 115 4 2
7.5mm 105 4 2
8.0mm 100 3 2
8.5mm 95 3 2
9.0mm 90 3 2
9.5mm 85 3 2
10.0mm 80 3 2
Volume of 20' container 8 Crates 144 Cartons 240 Rolls